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In-house Payroll?

If you currently run your payroll in-house, now’s the time to consider outsourcing it to an experienced bureau to ‘de-risk’ your auto-enrolment compliance.

Do you want to focus on your business and reduce the administration overhead of a payroll function?

The Pensions Act 2008 set up UK Auto Enrolment and set out the penalties that can be imposed on companies by the Pensions Regulator for non compliance.

 The penalties can be significant; fines ranging from a flat £400, £50 a day up to £10,000 a day and even imprisonment for up to 2 years.




We have a Payroll team who can deal with this for your, removing the need for you to hire professional qualified staff and ensuring you avoid the raft of penalties for getting your PAYE wrong.

We provide a fully managed outsourced payroll service for companies who run their payroll weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

We already run a busy payroll bureau for clients who have yet to reach their staging date.  As well as our standard pre-auto-enrolment payroll services, we also offer fully integrated post auto-enrolment payroll services and administration.  Auto-enrolment has had a major impact on payroll administration and we would strongly recommend you review your existing payroll bureau’s capabilities.  Now may be the time to outsource these additional costs and complications and move your payroll service to an auto-enrolment specialist.

Because we’re payroll and auto-enrolment specialists, we understand how a pension scheme needs to integrate with payroll administration.  We keep up-to-date with pensions legislation and have an in-depth understanding of all things auto-enrolment, which means we can help you with any ongoing auto-enrolment queries you may have.  This all helps us to provide an exemplary payroll and auto-enrolment support service over and above your usual payroll bureau’s capabilities.

But auto-enrolment doesn’t stop at your staging date, it’s a continuous process of assessments and communications every pay period.  After your auto-enrolment date our payroll bureau will continue to manage your ongoing auto-enrolment administration for new and


Payroll services


Our fees for payroll bureau services depend on the size of your payroll.  Please give us a call, or email us, to obtain our price list for payroll services.  Our payroll bureau service incorporates all auto-enrolment payroll administration, including:-

Your staging administration:

  • We will transfer your payroll onto our specialist auto-enrolment payroll software
  • We will analyse your current payroll data, re-format and test as necessary prior to Staging Date to ensure integration with pension provider’s portal
  • Your pension scheme design specifications will be configured on our payroll software
  • We will provide Statutory Communications at your Staging Date and Auto-Enrolment Date
  • Employee assessments and categorisations at staging are taken are care of through our software
  • We’ll manage any employee opt-outs, contribution refunds and opt-ins
  • Full record keeping
  • Re-enrolment every three years (fees for re-enrolment will be quoted at that time)

And ongoing support:

  • Weekly or Monthly payroll processing
  • Electronic or printed pay slips
  • End of year returns
  • P11D returns
  • RTI
  • Auto enrolment (Workplace Pensions)
  • We solely concentrate on payroll
  • NO setup fees or tie-in contracts
  • Ongoing management for new and existing employees
  • Ongoing Statutory Communications
  • Management of opt-outs and opt-ins
  • Management of contribution refunds
  • Data file submissions to pension provider each month and monitoring of provider portal
  • Specialist technical assistance on all payroll and auto-enrolment matters

Bespoke payroll service costs

Our fee is based on the number of employees you have working under each PAYE reference.  If your business operates under more than one PAYE reference, please give us a call because we will be able to modify the price for each additional PAYE business.

  • 1-5 employees              £495 per month
  • 6-10 employees            £750 per month
  • 11-15 employees          £1,250 per month
  • 16-20 employees          £1,575 per month
  • 21-25 employees          £2,600 per month
  • 26-30 employees          £2,800 per month
  • 31-35 employees          £3,150 per month
  • 36-40 employees          £3,400 per month
  • 41-75 employees          £4200 per month

If you require any further information please just reply to this email and I will be in contact.

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