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Nest Pension Scheme

The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) is an independently-run pension scheme backed by the Government. It is designed particularly for low-to-moderate earners, and for those whose employers did not run a pension scheme prior to auto enrolment.

NEST is one of the largest and most trusted workplace pension providers in the UK, mostly due to their dedication in ensuring that the scheme is run in an open and transparent way. The pension scheme is easy to understand by using plain language and providing straightforward information.

It is the most easiest to use pension scheme that puts savers in control, their online members portal ensures savers can access and manage their pension scheme whenever they want, savers can also decide how their savings are grown.

Any employer within the UK can use NEST to meet their new workplace pension responsibilities, no matter how large or small their business/organization is. NEST pension scheme can be used on its own or in parallel to any other workplace pension scheme they already have in place.


Investing members’ money

NEST has a clear investment strategy that aims to take the right levels of risk at the right time in order to maximise on profits.

You can learn about our approach to risk management, portfolio construction and how NEST acts as a responsible investor. Learn More

You can also find out more about our governance structure, investment objectives and investment beliefs, and read the Statement of Investment Principles (SIP).

If you’re interested in saving in NEST, there’s information about our range of funds and what these mean for you in NEST for savers.


Improving consumer confidence in saving for retirement

Automatic enrolment draws a large audience to the world of workplace pensions.

For many people this will be their only experience of saving privately for retirement.

The report below explores what new savers understand about long term saving, what they expect from a pension and what are there concerns. The report brings together several in-depth research projects undertaken by NEST between 2010 and 2013 to consider the role that member communications and product innovations can play in improving consumer confidence in saving for the future.

Click here to read the report

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